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混浴门|选代夫He died at the age of 45. It can be said that if he had lived for 20 years longer, he would have made a great achievement like that of genghis khan, given the decline of the eastern han dynasty."I don't go back, uncle zhou, look at my copycat, I'm ready to recruit here, do a great deal of let father see, or you also stay to help me. Lv lingqi proudly pointed to his handsome flag.< / p > < p > lu lingqi weekdays in some charming pretty big miss temper, character is more straightforward, but at the moment, when the Chen palace really plate face to talk to her, lu lingqi's arrogance was immediately pressed down, for the important minister around lu bu, lu lingqi but dare not act, darling way: "ling qi do not know, also hope that the gentleman to solve the confusion.

This request is not high, the time people can eat rice, do not starve to death, lyu3 bu4 can based on this, let they also obtain certain benefits, rejecting lyu3 bu4 ill feelings and also with the autumn harvest, fade away, in the sable cicada born son, in addition to the sentinels nervous feeling city excessive, not too many feelings, but another group of people in his city, this meaning is somewhat different.The chang 'an academy, a remote compound, was now home to a dozen or so of Hanoi's leading figures."Congratulations to the Lord." Chen gong smiled and handed over to lu bu.< / p > < p > compared to the huns in the future how to live, lv bu is more concerned about the situation in the west cool now, three days ago sent a message back to the west cool, do not know whether it can play a role.混浴门|"How do you know?" Tian feng stared at his eyes: "you have been to qiang? Do you know who is close to lu bu among the qiang people? Do you know qiang habits? As far as I know, burning when, water, broken qiang have clearly to lu bu loyalty, once the qiang people loyalty, is not easy to betray, qiang people heavy interests, just because they have not to anyone loyal, so as long as beneficial, in order to earn a living will go to war!"

混浴门|Pound has completed the charge, round the arrows have blanket cover down, the morale of the huns vanguard of a setback again, when ha wood son a charge, pound a kill with the people to come in, hands sword dancing in the breeze, like an awl stab violently into the formation of huns, immediately will tear the formation of a cut, huns dark army pressure up behind, will be expanding the incision.Although spent a period of time in the han dynasty, for the han people's strategy of war is also quite a study, but there is only research, with jia xu this has been separated from the book, research their own things, directly began to analyze the means of human nature, like a baby standing in front of the giant han.In the room, diao cicada's scream is still continuing, the child also don't know how to return a responsibility, an hour, still not born, anxious a group of stable old woman turn round and round, especially outside the cry more let everyone have a kind of daze don't know what to do.

"Send people to linrong, announced to the whole hetao, my yue clan, unconditional support for flying general, willing to fly general effectiveness. After a long time, the king of yue family only slowly sinks down the heart to be born, after long sigh tone, bitter way.Last year's world war I, lu bu played a brilliant maneuver, the powerful xiongnu life lost the hegemony of hetao, lu bu's name also became the taboo of hetao land, no one thought, he unexpectedly came back at this juncture."General lee, sit down." Zhang liao waved and smiled a little.混浴门|




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