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交院门种子丽婷野葛根胶囊好吗Think about those who were himself run ridicule, the expedition, not only failed to establish a reputation, was lombardi humiliated, let alone son and nephew was killed, also let xu togeher to trial with hate, now back, laughed at?"You... stop!" Women now meet lyu3 bu4 bully fierce impact, slender waist crazy swing, some rejection, and some don't give up."What do you want, sisters?" When pang tong turned around, the smug expression on his face finally stiffened on his face, looking at the gathered night owl camp woman, astringent laughed.

An unspeakable dislike burst into Ule's mind, Lyu3 bu4 now in the outside for king's court thousands of miles, bravery with no thought of personal safety, and Wang Ting-nei, But constantly doubting his loyalty, This let very admire lyu3 bu4 ulle heart very uncomfortable, Immediately loudly way: "Khan, general temuzhen after breaking the alliance, Without hesitation, hand over all the surrendering troops to me and bring them back, has proved his loyalty, He's still ahead. For the king's court, Bloody hell, And we are constantly questioning his loyalty, khan, please forgive his offense, temuzhen adult said before leaving, subordinates think it is very important, if the western xianbei to us at this time, Wang Ting caught off guard, it is easy to eat big loss, the urgent matter of the moment, should be to strengthen the west of the defense, rather than question a hero's loyalty! ""Down." Kirby could rub his forehead, and for a moment he was a little distracted.Hehe ~交院门种子Although the daughter left, Let lyu3 bu4 some sense of loss, But you can't dwell on it all the time, It makes people decadent, After a day of distraction, Lyu3 bu4 will giffin, d, pound, zhang embroidery and other stay around the general summoned, Hetao now has gradually stabilized, Menglang Hetao governance in good order, the conference semifinals in a variety of decrees, gradually towards the direction of the Han people assimilation, living, behavior and even some basic etiquette, law, this kind of thing exists, is to standardize some basic things of human society.

交院门种子A series of stuffy sound, hussars eyes wide open, more than a dozen knife and gun will stab his chest bloodstained, has no rest, eyes or fierce stare into the sky, around him, four or five were amputated feet of reinforcements sent out a shriek of heartbreaking screaming in place, blood like a fountain gushed from the fracture."Good name." Lick licked his lips, lyu3 bu4 left without a trace of nostalgia, outside the door, the little maid looked at the dragon and tiger left lyu3 bu4 surprised, hurried into the house, looked at the languid on the bed of lan zhan, surprised: "princess, you..."In the distance, is sprinting lyu3 bu4 heard the sound of the male broad sea, face a change, a wave of hands, five thousand elite cavalry behind slowly stopped the charge.

"I remember, when I left, I asked Ule to remind the king that there was something going on in Chin Lien-chuan." Lyu3 bu4 looked to kui head."Khan!" In the king's tent, lyu3 bu4 did not care about the snub of kui head, see banquet almost, just look to kui head way: "I have a question.""Chief, since we entered the prairie, in order to break into xianbei internal, just now why didn't the chief promise him?" Sentence suddenly puzzled look to lyu3 bu4.交院门种子




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