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国家干部剧情|珊子There's no way, Lyu3 bu4 went into production, these people go in, Mainly learned is also skill, management and other practical ability, may not be considered a good talent, but can be selected from millions of people, at least is a talent, can not be put at a high position, but add to the local government, these people are too big, for the distribution of talent, even both zhang and Chen palace across the state for a red-faced."Yes." A group of tribal leaders hurriedly stood up and left."Temuzhen warrior, this period of time, in my xianbei king's court, live still used to it?" Looked at lyu3 bu4, kui head eyes flashed a touch of complex color, then quickly put away, face floating a smile, said with a smile.

"No need." Shaking his head, Stephen laughed and said, "Watch out for all of you. Just watch out for the beggars. Tell the troops to turn them out."In a word, but in the heart of xu togeher sounded a thunder, xu togeher murmured: "yes, the world is big, governors everywhere, is there no room for me?"Even if there had been speculation, but now confirmed, step root is still some incredible pumping a breath of air, the side of the pro-health commander is not believe: "He only took five hundred people, the Qifu tribe is twenty thousand people's big tribe!"国家干部剧情|Lyu3 bu4 will silk cloth over the information, patted the head of the eagle, behind the sentence and upright way: "Tong Ling Wang Ting in all the checkpoints, from all the military forces directly to the Yinfeng Gorge battle!"

国家干部剧情|Although there are high dry military forces stationed troops in the west river, shangdang area, zhang he military forces stationed troops in the wild goose gate, but the two have become a lone army, as long as lyu3 bu4 in town here, the two men will not turn up too much spray, the final result, can only be life and death, fled.Although the war in the Western Regions is far from over, Xu Rong began to wantonly catch xianbei slaves in jinlianchuan area, in june, someone in zhangye area to find a large open-pit coal mine, giffin has set aside twenty thousand xiongnu slaves from hetao to mine, but if you want to get enough harmony cool and even hetao region enough coal for the winter, you need to invest more labor."Don't chase him!" Wei yan looked at coss formation, know this person is not weak, although in retreat, but always against his charge, really chase up, not necessarily for good, his purpose is to occupy tiger fastened, not with jun decisive battle, at the moment or occupy tiger fastened again, as for coss, such as xu sheng army arrived, tidy up again he is not too late.

Kilvoo goyang a draw machete, Hacked down several panic-stricken soldiers one after another, Suddenly feel a chill from behind, all over the hair vertical, it is a perennial battle honed out of the intuition, almost without thinking to the ground, followed by a ray of cold light in the moonlight flashed away, followed by a soldier behind Kifu Goyang without warning as if hit by heavy objects to fly.Fei San said, his face changed dramatically. He fell on his knees with a splash and cried out, "Your excellency, if you forgive me, I will be persecuted."As for Jiang Xu, Lyu3 bu4 before the words of nature not without the meaning of knock, Although these wealthy families have not yet done anything harmful to their fundamentals, But in this regard, precautions must be taken in advance, Is also defensive, as far away in the western regions of pang tong commented, lyu3 bu4 now looks strong, but in a way all governors dare not go, wrong step, are likely to lose, this invisible battle, actually more dangerous than the real battle.国家干部剧情|




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