失落的帝国 猴王|

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失落的帝国 猴王|老黑方乌密王In dostie and many of the huns in despair eyes, 50 fire cow like 50 the sharp steel knife, ruthlessly a head of bump into the huns intensive ride array, both sides sharp Tibet ruthlessly put aside to horse around body, legs cut off the huns knight, waves shrieks and screams of immediately spread throughout the workforce.Chapter 63 binding people"Pa ~"

"I wonder who's in charge?" "Zhang asked.Think of the days when it's time to eat and drink not sorrow, look at today, as the lyu3 bu4 in changan, began to step up to the surrounding control, by this time, the mountain bandits thief you truly realize what blade lick blood, sometimes go out to do business, can be near the loyalist to kill, or even restless in the mountains, also have a scary days, lyu3 bu4 for these people can never be.Lyu3 bu4 now have harmony is cool, nominally harmony Lord of the cold, but in fact, the land of the arms, belonging to harmony in the state of hedong, Hanoi and henan Yin is not under lyu3 bu4, in addition to the jiuquan liangzhou, dunhuang, zhang ye now three county belongs to half waste state, occupation is not difficult, but for now, lyu3 bu4 will have no energy to the county into their own, even if not occupied much sense.失落的帝国 猴王|On the street, only chang 'an market can see a body of animal skin qiang people here with merchants bargaining.

失落的帝国 猴王|"Son clear need not much salute, how is the casualties of the battalion?" Lv bu sits on wide chair, looking at gao shunxiao to ask a way.Han sui thought carefully, I am afraid to detour from lv bu wudu, surprise attack jincheng that half a month began to calculate, just half a month time, han sui suddenly lost more than half of the territory, the original want to fight with lv bu in wuwei desperate, even attracted the huns to fight, how arrogant of 300,000 troops?"General, it doesn't matter if you scold us, but the whole thing will be over. The han people will definitely watch us or kill us directly. It doesn't matter if we are dead. Kun mu looked at akuli and whispered.

Front lu bu obviously also saw the flag here, the speed gradually slowed down, a moment, ma chao three people have appeared in front of lu bu, to lu bu.Lv bu holds the child in the bosom, although crumpled, but do not know because it is his child's reason, see more namely more pleasing to the eye.Li ru nodded and said, "your majesty is right. What our army should do now is rest and recuperate, not continue to fight. Thirty thousand troops is the limit we can bear now."失落的帝国 猴王|




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