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曝鞠婧祎将单飞|广东万和集团有限公司"Well? Any news?" Han sui waved his hand so that he wouldn't have to salute, then looked at liang xing anxiously and asked.People smell speech, suddenly face black line, this is what shit reason.Fighting too hastily, without any preparation, on both sides fight but more fiercely, instant turmoil spread to both sides of the whole camp, just a totally different performance between the two sides, the soldiers of han sui will mostly have a kind of wrong, morale natural lift up, burn out the qiang people party although part due to anger, some not wise, but also because of this kind of situation, to burn in qiang people fighting capacity is stronger, momentum has been pressure on han sui troops.

Although jia xu is quite introverted in daily life, but the literati's inner arrogance, but rarely to praise others, there is a lot of strategic evaluation from jia xu's mouth out probably with guan yu eyes martial arts can be so evaluation.This feeling, for him, had not been in his life for a long time, and he had even forgotten what it was like.Not only from the huns, but also from the rabble behind them.曝鞠婧祎将单飞|

曝鞠婧祎将单飞|"Lao xiong, you are old now. It's time to find a wife." After drinking a bowl of sobriety soup, lyu3 bu4 sobriety a lot, didn't hurry to enter bridal chamber, but sit on the stone mound in the courtyard, with the magnificent sea have a build not a build of chat up home."Next month 15, this matter unfavorable and extravagant, yong cool broken, 100 useless await xing, can not so much money grain expend above a wedding." Lv bu frowns way."Time to think, there are so few of them that, as you say, it's a waste of information." Lu bu some helpless way, this time should have, but in the south of this generation, but also not much, lu bu sent people secretly searched, but very little, after all, this war era, can raise pigeons with information transmission association together with the people.

Right now on the map, with the center of the millet, is great huns occupied land, contains almost three 5 of hetao, left, is tu, zero, moon people first, qiang and Qin Hu Wolf, at first glance, all the land of the xiongnu, but in fact, after last year's fiasco, huns occupied territory has shrunk dramatically, Qin Hu occupies the chicken abatis, former xiongnu five, now has become history, and then the Wolf qiang, tu, moon people and zero in the past a first winter, will own occupation area expanded many, now of the huns occupied territory, has less than half, more importantly, If the first zero and qin hu also turned to lu bu, lu bu on the huns of the encircling potential became!If only it could be reduced to a size and scale that a normal man could bear. Three hundred guards of hussars were now soldiers of the rank of general."Madam rest assured, the Lord and the consigliere have already given orders." They bowed out with a respectful bow.曝鞠婧祎将单飞|




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