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matthew james moy|旅行社推广"Lord, no, figure! Under the night sky, the guards threw a figure from the gate and shouted to lu bu.On horseback, lv bu looked at jia xu and said with a smile, "it is said that people are afraid of their hometown. Although chang 'an is not the hometown, it is the root of you and me."Off!" CAI MAO finally sighed, turned the horse's head, with kuai yue and pro - wei fled, as far as possible all the way into the defeat.

A young man who follow behind him smell yan complexion greatly change, hurriedly jump off the horse, pull him back, startled way: "bo yan, you don't want to die?""Vuvuzela ~"matthew james moy|"General, before the order let us slow down the march, careful lv bu sneak attack." One of the guards looked at feng with concern.

matthew james moy|< / p > < p > guo jia wen yan, smiled and nodded, his own physical condition he is clear, but also did not brush cao cao's good intentions, archway: "that jia retired first.Yang fu is a famous scholar of western liang, not only have a good argument, thinking is also very agile, a little thought, they probably guessed the idea of two people, smile at the moment: "can get the young lady and zilong general help, fu grateful, so there are two.And turned the horse and walked towards the mountain, behind, a group of Montenegro thief army finally relieved, they are most afraid of be lyu3 bu4 second guessed, lyu3 bu4 say the words, now both true and false, but psychologically, let the army in Montenegro, to say the transgressions have over, lyu3 bu4 much that gas is dispersed in the heart, this time, no reason to move these people again.

"Oh?" Liu bei glanced at CAI MAO and nodded.Rebellious rebellious, but he should not kill himself sent in the past, this is not the political question, but rather with lyu3 bu4 provocation, even if you don't have the value of zhaoyun, lyu3 bu4 also send others to pick up the sun, even GongSunShi won't run, a title of generals in ancient times mansion just based on the world, this will, when the sun of the neck to gather together, lyu3 bu4 can only say that own fault or others.Of course, lyu3 bu4's these happy put in the action, is more use its extremely on these girls body.matthew james moy|





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