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小格式自压原创|无锡进口食品批发< / p > < p > caught the text, in jingzhou, runan area around a dozen days, zhou cang finally found lu lingqi in a copycat runan."Destroy the family, zhulian nine! As li ru looked at the crowd, his voice became bleak and cold. Burn block qiang assist han sui attack my han camp, is a felony!"Also is such a moment of kung fu, Liu Meng his has been defeated, survivors at that moment the lax captured by the success of lyu3 bu4, without hesitation to the chaos of the xiongnu soldiers launched the most brutal shocks, plus Liu Meng lyu3 bu4 shot him in the first time, the chaos of the huns under the impact of the lyu3 bu4, collapse down quickly, and under the drive of lyu3 bu4, started to hit another team.

"Who can drink tea soup in this weather?" The waiter shook his head: "chang 'an is the ancient capital, but before general lu came, it was deserted, not to mention the restaurant, even a figure you may not be able to see."Well." Diao cicada cleverly nodded, lv bu can accompany her one day like this, she has been very satisfied, their husband is doing great things, even if can not help the husband, also shouldn't let the husband worry about, diao cicada in this respect, is a very sensible woman."Rolling rolling ~ which ugly ghost, also dare to call themselves famous! ?" Escort head despise of looking at ugly man way: "stab shi adult again is you this etc. Ugly ghost have qualification see of?"小格式自压原创|Today, equal north, cao yuan will decide the north, is likely to be equal, the northern JingXiang biao3, zhuge's profound, perhaps in shortage, but guarding city, bashu milan soon, he ascended the throne, and to say the future, but our innate barriers, as long as milan not too dote, relying on the world, is the world, is also can't take shu.

小格式自压原创|Side of the wenpin heard here, suddenly a head of the impulse to kill, he is very difficult to understand the wonderful idea of the big lady, what is more defeat some great generals, and if not for him because the other side is a woman lightly enemy careless, how can be so easily defeated by lu lingqi? Just now lu lingqi said so, he is really hard to refute.Of grassroots officials, however, things come from selection of nanyang people, virtually, let lyu3 bu4 took a few minutes to enrage, anyway, this world is like this, if it is twenty years ago, the yellow turban insurrectionary mess of up, lyu3 bu4 it with curry is no different, but today, people have used the war, for these things to bear ability is also improved, at least not mess up.

"Sir, I don't want to make an enemy of general lv. If you have anything to say, just say it." A burning general laughed bitterly."Wen he thought?" Lv bu did not answer, the soul that comes over as contemporary spatiotemporal, nature knows the result of this battle, but he wants to see jia xu's viewpoint.Chapter 16小格式自压原创|




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