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82zzz|野生全松茶Zhang he would like to immediately now the truth to the world, but he can not, the doctor has said, yuan shao now, has been poisoned into the bone marrow, medicine stone difficult to save, this time, jizhou has been in a state of tension, the truth, is to give yuan shao a justice, but then?"That helped me a lot." Lv bu looked at the horse and said with a smile, "any merit will be rewarded. This is the rule of our army. I wonder if Mr. Ma would like to serve under my command?""Dog son jiang wei, child, quick call Lord." Jiang lost smiled.

"General zhang, have other forces in the city been removed?" Yuan shang worried to see zhang he, froyuan into the emergence, let him have a bad feeling."Be." < / p > < p > method is behind, a bookboy forward, picked up a book to open, lang sheng said: "jian 'an two years, li wang early wei county magistrate, there is the squire gu shi, there are thousands of acres of liangtian, lifu greedy of its liangtian, to bribery charges, will be detained, before long, gu shi was killed in prison, there was a gaoler can be a witness, but li fu ordered."Very good, Sir Can rest assured, this matter originates in the western region." Lyu3 bu4 say with smile: "the west now has pacified, but xiyu thirty six, governance is extremely difficult, cloth under several important positions junshi, bad light, minor is enough to be in, so would like to invite Mr. A walk through the western regions, western regions help me governance, this not only favorable to cloth, as long as the western regions is stable, no matter who got the world in the future, I am the big fellow map than in the past, extend far far away? This is an achievement that will last a long time. Cloth wants to ask you to give me a hand in the name of all the people in the world. Cloth promises that it will last for a short time or three years.82zzz|

82zzz|Think of guo jia's evaluation, cao cao some shibuya, even if the fierce as cao cao, now also under the influence of the family, and with the growing cao cao, those from the family pressure is more and more, looking at guo jia, cao cao opened his mouth, but was interrupted by guo jia."Who may go?" Lv bu groped for the stubble under the skeleton. Both li ru and jia xu were unwelcome figures in the scholar-trees, while jiang dong and jing xiang were distinguished by their numerous families."Go away, general, and then avenge me. The hussars will attack again, and we will not rest until we reach our goal. Officers and men, escort general guan away!" Heman shouted and brandished a brass stick to stop the orca, while guan hai rushed out with ten guards and joined his men.

"What are the governor's orders?" Liu bei opened his eyes and looked at CAI MAO.Chang 'an academy."Withdraw, withdraw! Kuai more come to the side of CAI, in fact, even if don't, he says, there have been a lot of fisherman's soldiers began to flee, had to deal with super horse cavalry composed of dense formation, as more and more soldiers fled with fear, to hold the fewer and fewer people, shape also gradually become more thin, rout trend has all show, mo CAI, even the sun wu alive, also it hard at the moment.82zzz|




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