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365kv130宝肤灵官网'something important? Burn when Lao wang stuffy hum, some unhappy, mostly to find their own troops."Still want to be general?""There will be more." Lv bu added a cup of tea for jia xu and took a look at the direction zhang had left.

Today since the encounter, and the opponent or hu, lu lingqi nature will not let the dead."Feng had visited the qiang people in his early years, deeply understanding the qiang people's nature, at least bill and other people who only know what they are talking about!" Tian feng cold hummed a way.Chapter 25 the breaking of the army365kv130"A... Success! ?" Samba could hardly believe his eyes. The king of the eagle was recovered by the flying general with a handful of licorice. ?

365kv130Human greed, when a certain thing, the majority of people will be able to benefit, these people will involuntarily subconsciously support the idea.Shaking his head, burn when Lao wang looked at han sui, sighed: "general han came, I have been clear, but this battle, I burn block qiang has decided not to participate in the future xiliang is your han sui, or for lu bu's gain, it has nothing to do with my race.'a woman? King juyan wen yan sighed with relief, although now with xianbei friendly, but the great han dynasty, even after a hundred years, still has a strong deterrent in the hearts of countries in the western regions, at the moment when I heard that the western regions are a woman, slightly relieved, turned to look aside the xianbei envoy said: "general ugotan, you see... "

Chapter 46 achievementAs for the promotion status obtained by the award of another star growth opportunity is targeted at lv bu personal, immediately promote lv bu four-dimensional attributes of any of the same did not reach the five-star attributes of a star!"Each go to prepare, tomorrow morning, back to chang 'an." Looking at the crowd, lyu3 bu4 stretch once muscles and bones, calculate up, this time send troops, if calculate on the words of bai shui4 qiang that period of time, front and back also have two months, actually some miss chang an of easy life.365kv130





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